Thursday, February 20, 2014

1891: The Moore addition - updated

An article from May 24, 1891, reports the sale of the Moore farm for development. The presence of the Moore farm between LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale "seriously retarded the development of the city".

The Sunday herald and weekly national intelligencer., May 24, 1891

Left for LeDroit has an interesting post that mentions the old Moore estate.  The excerpts from the book, written by a member of a volunteer Civil War Cavalry company,  describe the area and the Moore family. It is not clear when the author's return visit took place, but he refers to the section as "well built up" and one can only wonder what he thought of the houses of LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale.

The first New York (Lincoln) cavalry from April 19, 1861, to July 7, 1865

 By William Harrison Beach 1902

It is interesting that Mrs. Moore lived to such an old age, as did Mrs. Beale, who had lived to the age of 87 on the estate to the east of the Moore farm. The land that was plotted as Bloomingdale was not sold until after Mrs. Beale's death in 1885, while Mrs. Moore was apparently witness to the development of LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale around her.

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