Thursday, November 14, 2013

1878: Before there were rowhomes

Thanks to Ghosts of DC  for posting this map, and others, on their blog, . I have snipped the Bloomingdale area and pasted below for your enjoyment. The whole map is worth a look, as well.

You can see the location of the homes of the Beales and the Moores. The Moore mansion served as the first home for St. Martin's Catholic Church, but I have yet to find anything about what happened to the Beale home. (The estates are to the west of Lincoln Road:, North Capitol dead ended into Boundary Road/Florida Avenue.)


  1. Before the had to cut through Prospect Hill Cemetery when they extended N. Cap. That is an interesting story on its own.

    1. I posted a short piece on Prospect Hill in August. I doubt that I will ever try to summarize the legal battle from all of the old newspaper reports - it went on for years. I would like to find more information on the widening of North Capitol Street and how much push-back there was from residents who lost their front yards.