Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014: Wardman website unveiled

Do you live in a Wardman home? Do you think you can recognize a Wardman home in DC? Sally Berk and the DC Preservation League have created a website with lots of information on Wardman and his houses - you may be surprised when you see some of Wardman's earlier houses.

There are lots of pictures of Bloomingdale - be sure to click on the Blog page, Also, look at the Exhibit page to see the Bloomingdale panel created for presentations. Leave Sally a comment and let her know that a Bloomingdale resident has enjoyed her project!

Celebrating the Life and Buildings of Wardman in Washington, DC

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015: Passing of Senator Brooke (First Street resident)

At Left for LeDroit, Eric Fidler has posted about the passing of former US Senator Brooke. Please read about the prominent District native, who spent most of his youth at 1730 First Street in Bloomingdale and attended Dunbar High School. This one time resident will be featured on a soon to be erected LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail sign.

 Evening Star, published as The Sunday Star; Date: 09-19-1965

Thursday, January 1, 2015

1915: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, 2015!

One hundred years ago today was a good skating (and baseball?) day on the Tidal Basin. I wonder if anyone from Bloomingdale ventured down there for some winter fun. Today is a cold, but sunny day for  the National Hockey League's Winter Classic. Some Eckington residents are on their way and will be participating in the pre-game events.

Evening Star, published as The Evening Star.; Date: 01-01-1915

Friday, December 26, 2014

2014: Arts and Humanities Stars were shining in Bloomingdale

Oops, another post that was never written. Well, here are the links and tweets about the event at Big Bear in May. Anyone want to write it up? Guest blogger welcome.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Frank Gehry, and Trombone Shorty dined at Big Bear

Sarah Jessica Parker and Frank Gehry Eat Dinner at Big Bear Cafe

Savoy School in Anacostia was a pilot school.

White House  announcement

1913: CA requests playground at McMillan Park

 Evening Star, published as The Evening Star.; Date: 10-07-1913

1942: Dinosaur bone found in Bloomingdale

Have you ever read this report about dinosaurs in DC? Check out this article that includes information about a bone that was discovered near the McMillan Reservoir.  "The dinosaur would have been about 50 feet long and weighted about 10 tons."

1894: Bloomingdale imagined

This is a snip from a map found on the Library Congress site. Sorry - I don't know what happened to the link (end of year, cleaning out my draft folder) but wanted to share what Bloomingdale was planned to be in the future.  Note that Rhode Island is indicated by dashes, and North Capitol has not reached the dashed phase.